SouthPad V2 - Mirrored Left-handed Number Pad

The SouthPad is the thing that started it all. It is one of the only mirrored mechanical number pads on the market!

SouthPad V2 in white and black stacked on top of each other

NEW Pixel Watch 2 Stand

The Pixel Watch stand securely holds your Pixel Watch charging puck above your desk or bedside table so you can display your expensive timepiece while it's charging

StrataPad for Helldivers 2

The perfect accessory to dispense some Liber-tea to these godless aliens in Helldivers 2.

macropad resting on an arm as if it were an arm-mounted command device

MagSafe + Apple Watch Charging Stand

A modern addition to compliment your Apple Watch and iPhone MagSafe chargers!

magsafe charger and apple watch charger on a black stand



SouthPad V2 in white and black stacked on top of each other

New and Improved SouthPad V2 Finally Released!

SouthPad Version 2 is finally live!
iphone and apple watch on a white stand

New Product!

Today is the first time I’ve added a new product since I’ve launched my website! This time, we have a combination iPhone MagSafe and Apple Watch charging stand! This is another 3D Printed item, but in a single piece. It holds an Apple MagSafe charging puck so that your phone will be charging upright on … Continued