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iphone and apple watch on a white stand

Today is the first time I’ve added a new product since I’ve launched my website!

This time, we have a combination iPhone MagSafe and Apple Watch charging stand! This is another 3D Printed item, but in a single piece. It holds an Apple MagSafe charging puck so that your phone will be charging upright on your desk and on the side is an Apple Watch charging puck holder so you can hold both at once!

This one came about after my last product launched, the combination watch stand. She had complained that there weren’t any cost-efficient combination stands for a MagSafe charger and the Apple Watch charger. So with the help of my wife having an iPhone and Apple Watch of her own, I was able to run through a few design iterations, making sure it worked with cases and staying clear of the keep-outs in Apple’s design guidelines.

Like my combination watch stand, this one comes with a rubber-adhesive pad to keep it from sliding as well as a screw in case you wanted to more securely locate it on your desk or nightstand. For as light as some of these products are, I think it’s important to address how things like charging cables can sometimes be pretty stiff and cause the items to shift around a lot.

This was one of my biggest complaints about the Pixel Stand, and while it’s hard to add weight to 3D prints without drastic hits to print time and/or shipping cost. All I have done with that design is to include the adhesive rubber pad instead of a proper redesign, but I do find it works pretty well.

This should be one of my last “3D Printed Desk Things” for a while, at least that’s the hope. My next work is planning to include a macropad and a bit of a refresh of my very first product, the SouthPad. Beyond that, I want to try my hand at a micro-linux machine with wifi connectivity. I know exceedingly little about what’s required to run linux on an MCU, but it should be a pretty fun learning experience!

Anyway, keep an eye out as I keep going forward with more and more projects. I know I need to put more work into promoting this site, but I wanted to run a few back-end experiments before going full on to promote the Matchstick.Works storefront.

magsafe charger and apple watch charger on a black stand
product design timeline from paper to finished item
A design timeline

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