Left-handed Mirrored Mechanical Number Pad – SouthPad Version 2


The globally acclaimed left-handed, mirrored number pad, SouthPad, has been given fresh life in Version 2!


The left-handed mirrored mechanical number pad, SouthPad, has been made ✨RENEWED and IMPROVED✨.

It features the same layout and similar (or better) options as the original, including:
💖 Top row of utility keys
💖 Pre-flashed firmware
💖 Plug and play ready (no additional software needed)
💖 Totally unique design

New features include:

🔥 MX-Style Hotswap Sockets

➡️➡️ No more soldering needed to install or remove switches, plug and remove them anytime you wish!

🔥 Keycaps (Optional)

➡️➡️ Now you have the option to order custom-designed keycaps that accurately portray the layout of the SouthPad, including the MatchstickWorks logo as the Backspace key. If you’re a keyboard enthusiast and don’t want the keycaps, then they can be excluded from the order!

🔥 VIA Enabled

➡️➡️ The SouthPad V2 comes with VIA installed by default, so you can re-map the keys on the numberpad by going to https://usevia.app and using their GUI interface. This doesn’t require you to know any coding to change how to use the SouthPad. Otherwise, you can flash with QMK firmware.

📦 If you would like a case and/or a USB cable with your new SouthPad V2, check out my other listing!
⭐⭐ SouthPad V2 Accessories

See below for a full description of the existing options.

Every SouthPad V2 order comes with the following:
✅ Fully assembled PCB with Kailh hotswap sockets
✅ 3 Cherry-type keycap stabilizers
✅ 5 adhesive rubber feet (unattached)


👉 Switchless
🖊️🖊️Bring Your Own Switches
👉 Gateron Red Switches
🖊️🖊️Quiet switches with a smooth feel
👉 Gateron Brown Switches
🖊️🖊️Quiet switches with a bumpy feel (in a good way)
👉 Gateron Blue Switches
🖊️🖊️Clicky, loud switches with a bumpy feel (like a typewriter)


👉 No Keycaps
🖊️🖊️Bring Your Own Keycaps
👉 Include Keycaps
🖊️🖊️A set of keycaps custom-designed for the MatchstickWorks SouthPad V2

Additional information

Weight .34 kg
Dimensions 18 × 13 × 5 cm

Switchless, Gateron Blue, Gateron Brown, Gateron Red


No Keycaps, With Keycaps

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